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Dedication for The Waves of Our Content

             Dedicated to all of the female gender, where strength is in tenacity and in discernment and in brilliance of mind, where equality equates with education, where the strength of nurturing is equal to the strength of muscle. 

            You are one half of humanity, and you are entitled to one half of all thought, one half of all decisions, one half of all purchases, one half of all property, one half of all taxes, one half of all job opportunities, one half of all pay, one half of the political process, one half of all happiness, one half of all pain, one half of your children's love, and all of your spouse's love and endearment. 

            You make great lawyers, doctors, engineers, economists, composers, curators, politicians, pilots, judges, businesspeople, architects, artists, writers, professors, programmers, poets, presidents, prime ministers, scientists, secretaries of state, astronauts, librarians, nurses, newscasters, mathematicians, musicians and can excel in any career you choose.

            You know how to stand on your feet and dig in for you are a deep ocean and your tides undulate around obstacles and your persistence will eventually wear them down and bring them to see through your eyes.  You are a great value to the world and your voices are the tone of the soul of humanity.  Sing so that all will hear and no one, nor several, nor hundreds, nor thousands, nor millions will block you out for you know the rhythm of the world and synchronize that rhythm with your souls and with your minds and bring your symphony to the world stage and perform it as we can all expect it to be performed to the delight of all who listen.

Philip Gagne

Lowell, Massachusetts

May, 2018

Copyright © Philip Gagne 2018