About the Author


Originally from Connecticut, having lived in Boston, North Carolina, Washington, DC, and Atlanta, Philip Gagne has striven to balance an extensive self designed education of over 14 years across multiple colleges and universities; Manchester Community College in Manchester, Connecticut with an AS in Science, studied Rhetoric under Leo Rockas at the University of Hartford,  graduated from Harvard with a BLA, and obtained a Certificate in Project Management from the University of Massachusetts, he also has a wide diversity of experience.  An empiricist, he has worked in many companies, both as a temporary employee and a permanent employee including, but not limited to:  from picking tobacco at age 14, pumping gas, being a waiter, an EMT, a steel yard worker, a carpenter, a warehouse worker, a legal clerk, a receptionist, an executive assistant, a literary research assistant in neurology, an entrepreneur, an insurance agent, a technical writer, a telecommunications specialist, a marketer, an operations manager, a global documentation planner, a global product forecasting manager, and a corporate liaison.  Always studying humanity and social issues; traveling on social inquiries, he has hitchhiked to Arctic Canada and across the USA; always observing people and asking what is important to them, and taking what was said to him to heart. 

His interest in the struggle of females to be equal in society originated from his great aunt, who had taught him how to first use a dictionary at a toddler's age; she, having to become a nun to get an education to the level of Ph.D., became one of the first female administrators of Rivier University in the early 1960's.  After watching The Million Women March on Washington in 2017, while working on a novel, these five short stories were originally rhetorical exercises, but quickly became:  The Waves of Our Content, as a publishable work, as Philip Gagne's commentary on the state of the female gender, with the hopes that all females will embrace a good education, stand up for what is theirs, both together and as individuals, and participate as equals in this great world.

He has several novels in the works; the next novel to be released is a novel on the architecture of slavery and racism.  He reads several international newspapers a day, history, analytical psychology and enjoys both female and male authors; favorites being:  George Eliot and Charles Dickens.   He continually strives to improve his writing skills by transcribing literary works and studying Grammar and Rhetoric.  "I will cease to be a student of life upon my last breath, but that won't be until I am well over 100."